The Plastic Empire Podcast #13 – 6-11-16

On this episode:

We had 2 AMAZING Special Guests today!

First up was Jason Bienvenu of Spero Studios. He just launched Animal Warriors of The Kingdom on Kickstarter, a new toy line based off the graphic novels and characters he created. Be sure to head over to Kickstarter and PLEDGE! Be sure to check out their Facebook page as well!

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Our Next guest was Catherine Schuller, widow of Mark Gruenwald. She was joined by her social media coordinator, Nicole Flores. She talked about Mark Gruenwald, his  life, his art, his daughter and more. You could feel the love she still has for her husband to this day pouring out here. Catherine is hosting a 20th Anniversary Tribute to Mark Gruenwald, Tuesday, June 14th, 6PM-2AM in New York, NY. Spread the word and let’s give Mark the celebration he deserves!

Game of Thrones:

Episode Discussion

Movie/TV news:

*New Hasbro animated series

*New Marvel TV shows to follow The Defenders

G.I. Joe:

*SDCC Exclusive set

*New 2016 figures being revealed through crossword puzzle


*IDW major crossover–Revolution

Marvel Legends:

*BAF Juggernaut revealed


*SDCC exclusive pics revealed

*Previews-Exclusive Commander Steve Rogers

*Entertainment Earth-exclusive glow-in-the-dark Space Ghost


*Remaining SDCC exclusives


*Quarter-scale Deadpool figure


*The Kingdom

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