The Plastic Empire Podcast – Live from The Far Side Custom Con – 3-26-16

Our first Live Show from Far Side Custom Con. It was a great time and a great experience!

We have interviews with:

-Rob Bruce
-Matt Magill – Masters of The Treehouse
-Jose Solla
-Jim Fraser – TAC Force
-Mike Hatch – Keep It Clean Customs

We had a game show hosted by our good friend Steve Bala

Kevin Cucura held us down on the Social Media side and was running all over the show doing the grunt work, THANK YOU!!!

Thanks to, Damon Whitfield, Stavros Polentas & Steve Bala for joining us on the show!

Thank you for donations to the raffle from:

-Toys Diva:
-Marauders Inc.:
-Digger T. Mesch:
-Mike Samsel:
Universal Joes

We were able to see Hell Screamerz in hand for the first time! Be sure to look out for the upcoming line. It should be a Kickstarter in the very near future and you will not be disappointed!!

Finally, we would like to thank Solomon Witt who organized the show and gave us the platform to bring the show on the road!

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