The Plastic Empire Podcast #4 – 1-31-16

On this Episode of The Plastic Empire Podcast we discuss:

-Captain America : 75 heroic years ABC special

-Far Side Custom Con:

-Sideshow Skeletor statue:
Pre-Orders begin Thursday, January 28th

-Sideshow Lex Luthor Power Suit – Premium Format Figure

-Masters of the Treehouse – by Matt Magill

-WWE Elite Series 41

-Suicide Squad new trailer

-Hasbro moves part of production to India:

-MOTU Documentary:

-Hulk’s roll in Thor Ragnarok, Planet Hulk is going to be shown:

-Discussion of possible death of multi-articulated 3 ¾” Star Wars figures–everything has been 5 POA moving forward

-6” Namor Walgreen exclusive Marvel Legends

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