The Plastic Empire Podcast #9 – 4-10-16

On this Episode we discuss:

We had a Special Guest with us on the Show, Mike Samsel A.K.A Bricks from Universal Joes on Facebook.

-FSCC Exclusive Cobra Mortal Game Show (Email us or Add us on Skype to get in the game!, Same for Skype!

Live Action (TV, Movies,Videos)

-Walking Dead – Negan

-Cloak and Dagger TV Show Announcement

Bot Con Images

-BotCon 2016 the last under Fun Pub–ALSO DISCUSS BOTCON REVEALS FROM TFW2005.COM

  • Tansformers(Hasbro)

-Platnium Edition Autobot Heroes Set Official Images

-Robots in Disguise Warriors Ratchet, Scatterspike and Bisk Official Images

-Titans Return Voyager Alpha Trion and Astrotrain Official Images

-Titans Return Deluxe and Titan Masters Official Images

-Combiner Wars Computron Official Images

  • Transformers(Takara)

-Unite Warriors Computron Colored Images of all Technobots

-Masterpiece 33 revealed to be Astrotrain – Possibly

  • Transformers(Club)

-Botcon 2016 Souvenir Exclusives In-hand Images

– Botcon 2015 TCC Figure Subscription Service 5.0 and Club Roundtable Panel

  • Transformers(3rd Party)

-New 3rd-party Unicron

-3rd party Scorpinok pre-order

-New Takara-colored Mirage 3rd party Masterpiece-style

Toy Images & News

-The Art of G.I. Joe Volume 3–kickstarter coming 4/15

-Eagle Force Trading Card Set Kickstarter

-New Eagle Force figure revealed:

-Anti-Eternia He-Man–on sale next week

-Mezco One:12 Frankenstein’s Monster

-Walmart-Exclusive TMNT: Secret of the Ooze figures

-Hot Toys Falcon figure

Be sure to check out @mtnnut on twitter (Thanks for the support!!)! Here are a few of his Dios:



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